Antique Dealers Are the Original Green Businesses

green businessesRecycling has become a part of our everyday lives over the past few decades as our society strives to be more thoughtful stewards of our planet. However, the most effective way to lower our footprint is to reuse what we already have! Years ago it dawned on us as we were lovingly restoring our antiques that by salvaging these items we were bringing back to life beautiful, usable pieces of furniture. If we had let these treasures fall into a landfill, trees would have been cut down to create new ones. All of the items we restore took energy and resources to create. By making our pieces available through skilled restoration and preservation, antique dealers prevent the consumption of additional resources needed to recreate them. We are the original green business!

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Buying Antiques from Beauchamp

Antique beds

Antique people are lovers of history, and we at Beauchamp Antiques are proud of ours. Just like the lovely pieces in our showroom, we offer our clients depth: 45 years of collecting and selling antiques; accumulative knowledge of the antiques industry and restoration of over 150 years; and expertise in every phase of business, from acquiring a piece to delivery to our clients’ homes. We intentionally use our own staff to prepare each piece for our showroom, rather than hire out. We want our antiques to stay in our hands, so we can guarantee quality craftsmanship. The repeat business we receive shows us how much the way we do business is important to our clients.

Antique Restoration:

There are no short cuts at Beauchamp Antiques when we are preparing a piece for our showroom. Antiques are inherently old. They have been used in some cases for over 200 years. We have craftsmen on staff that can accurately execute all needed restoration; from restoration of our fine antique furniture, to fully restoring and wiring antique lighting. We feel you should be able to use your antiques! And, if you would like further modifications, we are able to fulfill your needs. Continue reading “Buying Antiques from Beauchamp” »

Panitierres: What are they?!

One of our most intriguing antiques, panitierres evoke interesting guesses in answer to the question –“What is it?” Chicken coop; Bird cage; Baby crib; wild hypotheses are encouraged. Visitors ask more often about these pieces than any others in the shop. We feel they are an exquisite example of the marriage between style and function.

A panitier is a breadbox. In French, pain means bread and tier means cabinet. During the 17th, 18th and 19th century, the French used these pieces to store bread, letting the loaves breathe and air dry to the crispy crust that French bread is known for. We rarely find panitierres with the original fabric that lined the interior, which we feel was used to add decoration and to filter dust and dirt. The legs allowed them to be taken off their iron wall hooks and placed as a beautiful dining table centerpiece. These pieces represent the epitomy of French Country culture – bread-making. Continue reading “Panitierres: What are they?!” »

Including Classic European Style in Your Landscape Design

The old-world style of antiques is not limited to the interior of a home. Our unique collection of new and antique garden ornaments can bring that look to your exterior too. Urns, jardinières, planters – being artful with your landscape adds interest and beauty to its natural elements. If you are looking to minimize plant maintenance, pieces like statues, fountains and obelisks are lovely options to keep your landscape from looking bland. And, by placing garden ornaments in a strategic and featured manner, they will be beautiful in every season.


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Antique Lighting: Jewelry for Your Home

Antique chandelier

Antique lighting can be an important and beautiful accessory for your home’s decor. As unique to your style preference as the jewelry you use to accent your wardrobe, it is why we often refer to our antique lighting as jewelry for your home. It can make the difference between an ordinary room and an extraordinary room.

If you are shopping for high quality lighting for you home, you will find no better value than antiques. Our pieces were made during a time when authentic materials were used. Today, even fine lighting manufacturers must use lower quality materials, though their price is not a reflection of this change. Our pieces are made from iron, bronze, and crystal not aluminum or other light metals and stamped glass. When our customers compare what they are seeing in modern lighting stores to our antique lighting they are often surprised by the prices, beauty and value they find.

Antique lighting has a place in every style of home. The pieces we bring into our showroom were created in a timeless classic style. Our pieces have endured generations because they have not lost their aesthetic appeal.

To insure all our antique lighting is in pristine condition and working order, they go through our restoration shop. The lighting is taken apart completely, thoroughly cleaned, and rewired with today’s standards for safety and current use.

Below are a few ideas to consider when purchasing antique lighting:

Antique Chandeliers:

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Exquisite Antiques: French Napoleon III Style Boule Mantle Clock

antique mantle clock

It may be hard to remember when we last relied on traditional clocks to keep time for us. This late 19th century French Napoleon III style Boule mantle clock is a beautiful example of how these pieces once served a central role in our lives. Circa 1880, this piece was designed to be beautiful as well as practical. The case is made out of Boule—tortoise shell laminated over wood, and inlayed into a bronze sheet. The bronze ormolu, (a fancy word for ornately decorated), is complimented by a doré (gold-plated) bronze dial. The clock numerals are made out of enamel, and the top is adorned with a bronze urn of fruit and flowers. Typical of the Napolean III style, the feet are splayed.

Of particular note is the depiction of the sun god on the doré bronze pendulum. Louis the XIV was referred to as the “Sun King”, and we believe this design was included as an honor to the monarch. Continue reading “Exquisite Antiques: French Napoleon III Style Boule Mantle Clock” »

Exquisite Antiques: French Louis XV Style Commode

Antique CommodeThis particularly beautiful piece is a late 19th century French Louis XV Style commode. Circa 1890, it is made with a mixture of exotic woods—rosewood, mahogany, satinwood, and tulipwood. The bronze adornments are referred to as ormolu because they are so ornate, and include the mounts, pulls, escutcheon and feet. Deep red Royal Rouge marble, which was highly popular at this time, sits on the top.

Commode is a loose term for a chest of drawers or nightstand typically found in bedrooms. The word commode is currently associated with a toilet, which may have stemmed from the piece serving as the place to store a chamber pot or washstand.

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The Rich History of Beauchamp Antiques

Beauchamp Antiques

As antique experts, we are keepers of history and the original recyclers. We are surrounded daily by items that in many cases have been around as long as, or longer than, our country. These heirlooms have been cared for, respected, and cherished by individuals and families through each generation. Fortunately, it has become our responsibility to care for and share the beauty of these wonderful antiques. We see our role as preserving their history for the next generation to honor. At Beauchamp, we take pride in our history. Like every antique has its own story, we have one as well, and would like to share it with you.

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Exquisite Antiques: Louis XV Style Country French Armoire De Mariage

Antique ArmoireVery popular during the 18th and early 19th century, this piece is an example of a Louis XV Style Country French Armoire De Mariage. Circa 1820, it is made out of oak, and includes hand-made brass hinges and escutcheons. The construction is hand-pegged mortis and tenon joinery. Baskets of flowers adorn the cornice and center door panels, with a cornucopia of flowers on the top door panel. The carved acanthus leaves that decorate the top rim of the cornice are a nod to this popular motif in Greek and Roman architecture. Scrolled cabriolet legs support the piece.

We often talk about the romance surrounding antiques, but these pieces may offer the best example. Armoire De Mariage means marriage armoire, and served as a dowry piece for a newly married couple. A family member or good friend would commission the piece as a gift, and it was usually the first piece of furniture to be made for the newlyweds. Typically these armoires were ornately carved but often in a more delicate fashion than other furniture pieces. Another common characteristic is a carved basket of flowers or a pair of lovebirds located between the cornice and the top of the doors.

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Exquisite Antiques: 19th Century French Comtoise Clock

A4757A1An exceptional example of a “Comtoise” or “Morbier” Tall Case clock, this piece features a pine case hand-painted with a faux-grain made to look like light rosewood. The case was then hand-stenciled for additional decoration. The dial and pendulum were created through the repose technique, where brass sheets are hand-hammered or pressed into molds to create the intricate decorative details. The dial is enameled and includes a 31-day calendar and calendar hand. The clock chimes upon the hour, repeating 2 minutes later in case you missed counting the first chime sequence.

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