Including Classic European Style in Your Landscape Design

The old-world style of antiques is not limited to the interior of a home. Our unique collection of new and antique garden ornaments can bring that look to your exterior too. Urns, jardinières, planters – being artful with your landscape adds interest and beauty to its natural elements. If you are looking to minimize plant maintenance, pieces like statues, fountains and obelisks are lovely options to keep your landscape from looking bland. And, by placing garden ornaments in a strategic and featured manner, they will be beautiful in every season.


Customers come to us either with no idea what they are looking for, or with specific needs for a defined landscape design. In every case, we can help guide them through the decision-making process, sifting through the many options to find the perfect piece or collection. We encourage homeowners to come into the shop with an open mind, allowing them to discover how varying styles could be incorporated into their outdoor space. We keep a wide and deep inventory to allow for many designs to be explored.

Our collection includes new and antique pieces made out of natural materials like iron, limestone, bronze, marble, terracotta and wood. From formal to rustic, there is something for every style. Looking to recreate Versailles in your backyard? We have formal statues, urns and fountains. Going for a more rustic feel? Our teak tables or iron pieces will suit that look perfectly. Regardless of your style, these unique pieces will bring a look that is difficult to find in today’s typical landscape design.



For example, consider this 19th century French wishing well. During this time in history, the French enjoyed nature so much they would incorporate branches and trees in an everlasting form through design and décor –resulting in the creation of the style faux bois. Coming from the French word for false wood, faux bois was created through carved or cast stone, iron, or bronze crafted to look like wood. Our wishing well is a fine example of this style, and would lend a special feel to a modern day landscape.


Fountains also offer an opportunity to create a statement in your outdoor space. People have always been drawn to the sight and sound of moving water. Either as a featured extension of a backyard swimming pool or as a welcoming element at the entrance to your home, fountains never fail to wow.

Shopping the outdoor garden items at Beauchamp Antiques is a pleasure unto itself. We are fortunate to be located on lovely wooded acreage, with a peaceful stream and an abundance of nature. We invite you to stop by and enjoy the scenery while you peruse our collection. Send us an email or give us a call at 1-800-860-0109 to make an appointment.