How to Care for Antique Tables

A3371AIf you have a passion for antiques, you know that each piece tells its own story, has its own history and holds its own charm. Unlike mass-produced furniture, antique tables are more
like old friends than just someplace to eat your dinner. Keeping your antique table looking its best requires little extra effort.

If you have 18th or 19th century antique tables in your home, you need to take extra care to keep them looking attractive for years to come. Whether your table is French Country,
English mahogany or Italian walnut, such one-of-a-kind tables require special handling. Below are some things to consider when caring for your antique tables:

Antique Table Care

1. Place your table away from direct sun light. Direct sunlight can harm your table’s finish and the wood underneath. It’s better to place your table away from the windows and/or to diffuse the sunlight with curtains, blinds, or tinted windows.

2. Avoid placing your table where there is too much or too little humidity. Placing your antique table near a furnace register or a fireplace can cause the wood in your antique table to dry out and even crack. Conversely, placing your table where there is a lot of moisture, such as near a frequently-open window or an air conditioning unit, can cause the wood to mildew. Best to place your antique table where there are few fluctuations or extremes in temperature.

3. Avoid cheap furniture polishes. Grocery store furniture polishes can cause a build-up of wax or silicone that will eventually damage your furniture. Better to use a paste wax designed for antiques. Such waxes will actually help preserve the finish witch in turn will protect the wood.

4. Consult a professional. If in doubt contact your local restoration expert. At Beauchamp Antiques we have been restoring antique tables for decades and have a vast knowledge of furniture restoration, furniture care and the products that are required.

At Beauchamp Antiques, just north of Indianapolis, we’ve been selling quality antique tables, accessories and other antique furniture for more than 40 years. In fact, we have one of the largest selections of 18th and 19th century antiques in the United States. We invite you to visit our 20,000-square-foot central Indiana showroom or browse our website to see the Beauchamp difference.

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Exploring Indianapolis Away From the Racetrack

Outside of the racetrack, visitors can visit the former homes of President Benjamin Harrison and the poet James Whitcomb Riley; browse the shops and tree-lined streets of the historic Broad Ripple neighborhood; explore the permanent collection at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and relive early 19th century history at Conner Prairie, a living history museum located just north of town.

Antique Shopping and Dining in Indianapolis

antique-dining-room-tableIndianapolis is known for its many varied restaurants. The region is famous for its pork tenderloin sandwiches as well as its abundant fresh produce. Central Indiana is also home to a growing number of brew pubs and ethnic restaurants. You definitely won’t go hungry in Indianapolis. Of course, Indianapolis offers plenty of shopping opportunities, also. There are antique stores in and around Carmel, just north of Indianapolis. as well as the huge selection of quality antique dining room tables, other antique furniture and collectibles at Beauchamp Antiques in Westfield, also north of the city. Beauchamp Antiques has been selling the high quality, 18th, 19th and 20th century antiques for more than 40 years.

Cherish the Story as Much as the Antique Itself

When you shop for antiques, you’re given the amazing opportunity to view a variety of different items that have been on earth longer than yourself.  Every item you’ll see during your experience has a unique origin and story.  What’s even more exciting is that many dealers have an extensive degree of knowledge about the antique pieces they sell.  Whether you’re interested in antique furniture or antique paintings, if you go to a reputable antique dealer, there’s a good chance you’ll get to make your gift even more extraordinary by picking their brains.

According to Pamela Y. Wiggins, an antique collector and journalist, “There are times when you can glean insight from a dealer about an estate where the item was purchased or the person from which they bought it. If that type of information is available, and interesting enough to note, be sure to include it with your gift.”

Wiggins also says that you can do some online research yourself if your dealer only has basic information.  If this is the case, after completing some research, type half a page about your findings and include it with your gift.  This information personalizes your gift.  It makes the antique even more valuable in the eyes of your receiver and helps them realize that it’s not just an antique, but a piece of history.

Browsing Online Antique Galleries is Divine

Nothing beats looking at antique art, furniture, and accessories at online antique galleries, but the online form sure comes close.  While there are some visual restrictions online, there are also some distinct advantages that tangible galleries don’t permit.

Online Antique Galleries Provide More Options

Online Antique Galleries - Furniture

When you’re looking for antiques on an Internet gallery, you have thousands of options at the tips of your fingers.  You can also browse antique armoirs just as easily as you can browse smaller items like antique mirrors.  When you shop for antique furniture and accessories online, the degree of accessibility is unrivaled by traditional galleries.

Today, many of the most reputable antique sellers have online galleries.  They also offer information in the form of brief descriptions and dates, and when you can’t find the information you’re looking for, you can always call the seller directly.  They’ll happily answer your call and use all available resources to get you the information you desire.

A Few More Antique Shopping Tips

Now that you know about the importance of narrative and the availability of online platforms, you have almost everything you need to make this an unforgettable holiday shopping experience.  However, there are some other tips we’d like to share with you before we send you on your way.

  • Note the preferences of the person you’re shopping for.  For instance, if the person fancies modern paintings, choose an antique painting over another antique item.  By sticking along the lines of the person’s interests, you’re more likely to purchase an antique the person truly loves.
  • Inquire about associated pieces.  Often, an antique is part of a larger collection.  Find out if your dealer has pieces in this collection in case your receiver wants to buy more of the same.  This is also a good idea if your receiver really loves the piece and you need a gift for their post-holiday birthday.
  • If you see something you love for yourself, buy it!  Antiques are one-of-a-kind.  Unlike other gifts, they’re not made on an assembly line.  They’re historical, hand-crafted pieces that can’t be mimicked.  For this reason, if you see a piece you love while shopping, buy it.  You never know if it will be there weeks, or even days from now.

With this information, you have what you need to get started.  Just remember to enjoy the experience and you’ll end up finding a gift that will create a surprise unlike ever before.  From everyone at Beauchamp Antiques, have an amazing holiday season and best wishes on finding an unforgettable gift.  It’s out there – you just have to find it.

Gift Differently This Year: An Unexpected Gift Idea You’ll Enjoy Buying and Giving

This may be something you’ve never thought of, or it may be something you resort to every year.  If the latter, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement throughout the entirety of this piece.

If you’ve bought an antique as a gift before, you know the shopping experience treats you as well as your receiver.  You know that it rewards you by giving you the chance to appreciate fine art while gift shopping, and you know it rewards the receiver by providing them with an original piece to accent their home with.  Not just any piece, but a piece that has accrued a deep, beautiful character through time.

These are some reasons why antiques are extraordinary gift ideas and perhaps the most exciting gifts to shop for.  But if you’re new to this and don’t know where to start, don’t worry.  We’re going talk more extensively about antique gift shopping for the holidays.