Antique Lighting: Jewelry for Your Home

Antique chandelier

Antique lighting can be an important and beautiful accessory for your home’s decor. As unique to your style preference as the jewelry you use to accent your wardrobe, it is why we often refer to our antique lighting as jewelry for your home. It can make the difference between an ordinary room and an extraordinary room.

If you are shopping for high quality lighting for you home, you will find no better value than antiques. Our pieces were made during a time when authentic materials were used. Today, even fine lighting manufacturers must use lower quality materials, though their price is not a reflection of this change. Our pieces are made from iron, bronze, and crystal not aluminum or other light metals and stamped glass. When our customers compare what they are seeing in modern lighting stores to our antique lighting they are often surprised by the prices, beauty and value they find.

Antique lighting has a place in every style of home. The pieces we bring into our showroom were created in a timeless classic style. Our pieces have endured generations because they have not lost their aesthetic appeal.

To insure all our antique lighting is in pristine condition and working order, they go through our restoration shop. The lighting is taken apart completely, thoroughly cleaned, and rewired with today’s standards for safety and current use.

Below are a few ideas to consider when purchasing antique lighting:

Antique Chandeliers:

antique chandelierThe unique nature of antiques tends to be what brings our customers to our doors. However, if you fall in love with a chandelier that does not quite fit into your space, we have options. Scale is central to creating a beautiful aesthetic to a room. Many times we can reduce the number of tiers or provide custom chain lengths or canopies to bring the piece into scale. We bring our years of experience into helping customers place our items into their homes.

With over 250 antique chandeliers in our showroom, choosing one can be overwhelming. We help our customers narrow down their choices, based on the styles they prefer. By asking just a few preliminary questions we can easily pinpoint whether someone prefers French or Italian style. From there we can further weed out pieces based on the finer points of a client’s preferences. Choosing from 10 pieces is much easier than deciding from among 250 options.

Antique Sconces:

Sconces offer a beautiful way to add light and to fill space on a wall with a unique accessory. We see our customers using them to flank artwork or mirrors, provide additional lighting near a bathroom vanity, or add decoration to a fireplace mantle. Regardless of where you place your sconces, make sure they compliment the style of other lighting in your space.

Antique Table Lamps & Antique Floor Lamps:

Antique desk lampAll homes have a need for layered lighting. Table and floor lamps have a lot to offer in this area. Their mobile nature makes them highly flexible, allowing them to function in many different rooms. Beyond functionality, these pieces can be their own works of art, which are highlighted the moment you switch on the light bulbs. Our table and floor lamps offer a tremendous value if you are looking to include pieces of quality and artistry. If you have shopped for today’s high-end lighting you know it is quite expensive – why not explore what that budget could afford you in our showroom?

Possibly one of the best features of purchasing antique lighting is that it is available now. There is no waiting for your piece to be ordered and shipped from China.

Click here to peruse our collection of antique lighting. We welcome questions! Send us an email or give us a call at 1-800-860-0109.