The Rich History of Beauchamp Antiques

Beauchamp Antiques

As antique experts, we are keepers of history and the original recyclers. We are surrounded daily by items that in many cases have been around as long as, or longer than, our country. These heirlooms have been cared for, respected, and cherished by individuals and families through each generation. Fortunately, it has become our responsibility to care for and share the beauty of these wonderful antiques. We see our role as preserving their history for the next generation to honor. At Beauchamp, we take pride in our history. Like every antique has its own story, we have one as well, and would like to share it with you.

Bob and Michelle Beauchamp

Everything started with an Iowa farm boy named Bob Beauchamp, who had an entrepreneurial spirit. His business interest was piqued when he met a local antique dealer while he was stationed at Ft. Benjamin Harrison after military service in Germany. Bob made his first ventures into the market in 1969 by selling antique brass beds, which were very popular at the time. He would buy the beds in his home state of Iowa, restore them, and sell them out of his garage on Illinois Street in Indianapolis.

In 1970, Bob opened a shop on 10th Street and expanded his trade, buying anything he could refurbish and sell. In 1976, he grew his business to a point where he could buy two historic homes at 14th and Alabama. The Beachamps restored both properties, living in one and running the antique business out of the other. The Beauchamps’ love of restoring historic homes led them to be instrumental in establishing The Old Northside Historic District.

In 1982, Bob purchased the property where Beauchamp Antiques is currently located. He built the barn that is now the main show room in 1983, when his Manager, Guy Markusfeld, joined the business—just in time to help move Beauchamp Antiques from Indy to Westfield.

Guy Markusfeld
Guy Markusfeld in the Beauchamp Antiques Showroom

One cannot talk about the history of Beauchamp Antiques without telling Guy’s story too. In 1983, Guy owned the property to the north of the antique shop and the Beauchamps’ home. He and Bob met and immediately hit it off. After just a few weeks, Bob asked Guy if he would be interested in a position in the restoration department. It just so happened that Guy’s dream had always been to have a custom woodworking shop. How fortuitous for both of them that they met! Guy joined Beauchamp Antiques and never looked back.

Guy’s original intention was to learn traditional cabinetry, joinery and finishing, and then apply them to his contemporary woodworking skills. Within three months of working with antiques, Guy was hooked. He felt that new furniture could never be built as well as antiques are, and he loved restoring the historic pieces.

Beauchamp specialized in American Victorian antiques, refreshing them using the then-current technology of stripping and refinishing. At that time, a new finish was preferred by customers over a more rustic original finish.

In 1988 Bob met the love of his life, Michelle. They were soon married and Michelle became an integral part of the team. Her love of travel, antiques and interior décor was a perfect compliment for Bob and the antique business. Michelle’s exquisite taste in antiques helped insure only the highest quality pieces were purchased on the buying trips to Europe.

In the late 80s and early 90s, the popularity of 18th and 19th century European antiques was growing. This style was new to Central Indiana at this time and the Beauchamps and Guy cultivated the interest and knowledge to help evolve these pieces into local design. As they found themselves buying and selling more and more pieces, they began to import antiques from Europe, and traveled there themselves to acquire all the antiques. They added onto the antique shop, and eventually built a separate restoration wing in 1994. The move to European antiques facilitated a shift in their restoration process as well. What once was a refinishing shop became a team of craftsmen skilled in restoration, lovingly preserving the original beauty in each piece.

Today, Beauchamp Antiques houses 25,000 square feet of antiques and sells pieces all over the country. Although we specialize in old things, we are firmly in today’s world, connecting with our customers via our active website as well as Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest and Twitter. Designers, decorators and homeowners alike reach out to us to fulfill their design dreams. They know we believe in the value of well-made, well-designed furniture. Our love of the rich history of each of our pieces allows us to advise our customers on their choices. Although we would love for everyone to fill their homes with antiques, we know that just one piece can elevate the interest of the whole room. Antiques add personality and uniqueness to a space. We have many customers who enter purchasing a piece with trepidation. However, once their choice is settled into their house, they fall in love with antiques. The idea of a shared history, and quality craftsmanship with a rich story, keeps them coming back.

Daily we are charmed by the history, rhythm and beauty of each of our antique pieces. What started 46 years ago with Bob’s discovery of his passion for these old things has developed into a shared joy by his staff, partners and customers. We genuinely love to help people find a beautiful piece, bring it into their home where it will look even better than in the shop, and have them cherish it. Our customers should have no regrets for making their purchases. We strive to have them enjoy their investment and revel in the new history their piece is experiencing.

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