Buying Antiques from Beauchamp

Antique beds

Antique people are lovers of history, and we at Beauchamp Antiques are proud of ours. Just like the lovely pieces in our showroom, we offer our clients depth: 45 years of collecting and selling antiques; accumulative knowledge of the antiques industry and restoration of over 150 years; and expertise in every phase of business, from acquiring a piece to delivery to our clients’ homes. We intentionally use our own staff to prepare each piece for our showroom, rather than hire out. We want our antiques to stay in our hands, so we can guarantee quality craftsmanship. The repeat business we receive shows us how much the way we do business is important to our clients.

Antique Restoration:

There are no short cuts at Beauchamp Antiques when we are preparing a piece for our showroom. Antiques are inherently old. They have been used in some cases for over 200 years. We have craftsmen on staff that can accurately execute all needed restoration; from restoration of our fine antique furniture, to fully restoring and wiring antique lighting. We feel you should be able to use your antiques! And, if you would like further modifications, we are able to fulfill your needs.

Unparalleled Inventory:

With a vast inventory to select from, there is always an opportunity to find the perfect piece. All of those choices can leave some clients a bit overwhelmed, so we are always ready to help. Every antique in our 25,000 sq. ft showroom has been cared for and collected for many years. We know our inventory inside and out, and can easily help you narrow your choices to fit the style and function you are looking for.

Placing Antiques in Your Home:

We are experts in helping you effectively and beautifully incorporate antiques into your design scheme – we have been doing it for 45 years! Scale is a very important factor in whether a piece truly fits in a room. Choosing the right pieces is not just about style, it has to work well in the space. Our staff understands the spatial requirements of interior design, and can help ensure that the pieces you choose will allow you to achieve the function and look you are going for. The love we have for the pieces we buy, condition, restore, and sell is reflected in our desire to share that passion with our clients. We are not here to just help you pick an antique. We want you to fall in love with one-of-a-kind furnishings for your home.

Elevate Your Design with Antiques:

Although we would love it if you did, there is no need to furnish your whole home with antiques. These storied pieces add interest; one well-placed antique catches one’s eye once entering a room, garnering curiosity and admiration, and elevating the rest of the space. We are thrilled to assist you in finding that one unique piece while fulfilling the form and function needed for your space.

Shipping and Delivery:

Once you found the perfect pieces for your home, how does it get to you? Locally and regionally we usually hand-deliver to you ourselves, as we are the most knowledgeable about the special considerations of antiques. For national and international shipping, we engage professionals that have proven they can meet our high-standards of service. Our long-standing relationship with these vendors affords us special pricing not available to the public, which we pass on to our clients. Read our shipping and guarantee policies for more information.

Only The Best:

When you acquire an antique from us, you are getting the best: accurate assembly, knowledgeable restoration, hand crafted repairs, and full functionality. However, what truly sets us apart is the love, care, knowledge, and service we put into each piece and each client. Every piece is 100% right – just a natural extension of our love for what we do.