Cherish the Story as Much as the Antique Itself

When you shop for antiques, you’re given the amazing opportunity to view a variety of different items that have been on earth longer than yourself.  Every item you’ll see during your experience has a unique origin and story.  What’s even more exciting is that many dealers have an extensive degree of knowledge about the antique pieces they sell.  Whether you’re interested in antique furniture or antique paintings, if you go to a reputable antique dealer, there’s a good chance you’ll get to make your gift even more extraordinary by picking their brains.

According to Pamela Y. Wiggins, an antique collector and journalist, “There are times when you can glean insight from a dealer about an estate where the item was purchased or the person from which they bought it. If that type of information is available, and interesting enough to note, be sure to include it with your gift.”

Wiggins also says that you can do some online research yourself if your dealer only has basic information.  If this is the case, after completing some research, type half a page about your findings and include it with your gift.  This information personalizes your gift.  It makes the antique even more valuable in the eyes of your receiver and helps them realize that it’s not just an antique, but a piece of history.