How to Care for Antique Tables

A3371AIf you have a passion for antiques, you know that each piece tells its own story, has its own history and holds its own charm. Unlike mass-produced furniture, antique tables are more
like old friends than just someplace to eat your dinner. Keeping your antique table looking its best requires little extra effort.

If you have 18th or 19th century antique tables in your home, you need to take extra care to keep them looking attractive for years to come. Whether your table is French Country,
English mahogany or Italian walnut, such one-of-a-kind tables require special handling. Below are some things to consider when caring for your antique tables:

Antique Table Care

1. Place your table away from direct sun light. Direct sunlight can harm your table’s finish and the wood underneath. It’s better to place your table away from the windows and/or to diffuse the sunlight with curtains, blinds, or tinted windows.

2. Avoid placing your table where there is too much or too little humidity. Placing your antique table near a furnace register or a fireplace can cause the wood in your antique table to dry out and even crack. Conversely, placing your table where there is a lot of moisture, such as near a frequently-open window or an air conditioning unit, can cause the wood to mildew. Best to place your antique table where there are few fluctuations or extremes in temperature.

3. Avoid cheap furniture polishes. Grocery store furniture polishes can cause a build-up of wax or silicone that will eventually damage your furniture. Better to use a paste wax designed for antiques. Such waxes will actually help preserve the finish witch in turn will protect the wood.

4. Consult a professional. If in doubt contact your local restoration expert. At Beauchamp Antiques we have been restoring antique tables for decades and have a vast knowledge of furniture restoration, furniture care and the products that are required.

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