Vaisseliers: France’s Solution for Storing and Displaying Dining Ware

One piece of furniture that multitasks for both storage and display is the French vaisselier. This combination of open shelving and lower buffet became the perfect option for managing dining ware. The buffet provided the storage and serving surface, and the shelves could display favorite porcelain, heirlooms or other items deemed precious. Country cabinetmakers began crafting vaisseliers in the late 1600s when elements of the Regence style were emerging. However, many vaisseliers show strong influences of Louis XIV and Louis XV styles. They were often made out of many different native species of wood though we have seen them in exotic woods as well . Below we highlight some of our favorite vaisseliers in out shop:

Classic French Louis XV style, ­this vaisselier has a very functional layout with plenty of blind storage, a serving surface, and many places to display plates. Made from oak with a lovely patina, its handsomest features include elegant hand carvings, beautiful iron hardware, handles and escutcheons.


French Neo Rustic Louis XV style , this oak vaisselier has extraordinary floral carvings and nice decorative finials along the top. Beautifully proportioned, this piece offers lots of storage and display areas; the center door is a conventional right­-swing door, and the side doors slide to the outside.


Country French Louis XV style, early 19th century, this piece has ample display storage for china and blind storage for table linens. Its large serving surface makes this piece very usable today. The oak has a nice red tone to it, with decorative carvings such as the medallions featured in the middle of the face molding on the shelves.


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