Antique Louis Vuitton Cabinet Trunk

Travel during the 19th and early 20th century required heartiness for both the traveler and their luggage. Going to another continent in those days meant a long journey and an extended stay once you arrived. Sturdy luggage was a must, and this circa 1900 antique Louis Vuitton cabinet trunk fit the bill. It is constructed out of a wood substructure wrapped in an oil-impregnated patterned canvas. External slats made out of oak are wrapped with metal bands providing even more strength. Finally, the metal and iron fixtures are affixed using rivets. This trunk was constructed to last through the long journeys! The exterior décor features the unusual Damier pattern, an earlier version of the popular square motif we see today. Inside we find the original linen lining, patterned in the diamond shape synonymous with Louis Vuitton at that time. The piece also features the original label and serial number. Today, these trucks are used as decorative elements. Therefore, we have crafted a custom base to allow the piece to serve as the perfect conversation piece for a foyer or custom closet, or as a coffee table or in a vignette at the foot of a bed.


Dimensions: 19 × 32 × 22 in
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