Late 19th Century French Empire Style Antique Office Furniture

Thinking of redesigning your office? This French Empire style antique office furniture could make quite the design statement. Circa 1890, this late 19th century style is typically known for geometric lines in a formal look with doré bronze, lots of columns and ormolu. This set consists of a large executive desk, triple wide bookcase and two armchairs. The bookcase and desk have elements of plum pudding mahogany, and include bronze mounts. The executive style desk features beautiful details both in the woodwork and in the bronze ormolu. On the user side, it has banks of drawers on either side and a row of drawers across the top. The other side of the desk has a privacy panel that has been converted into a door. The ormolu on the desk is particularly spectacular on this piece. Delicate garlands of flowers follow all the way around the top row of panels and continue onto the drawers on the user side. The corners have acanthus leaf medallions and bronze x-strapping that goes up and down the reeded quarter column corners. The bronze escutcheons also feature a floral motif and the feet are bronze capped. There is a large Grecian urn on the privacy panel that is adorned with two cornucopia of flowers. The seat opening can accommodate today’s executive chairs

Similar lovely ormolu detailing adorns the bookcase as well. The top of the cornice features a beautiful bronze ribbon surmounted by garlands of flowers and grapes. A bronze flame sets on the top of each front corner. The bookcase includes a bottom drawer and blind bottoms on the flanking doors. Finally, the ormolu was continued onto the chairs as well, which are adorned with acanthus leaves and ribbon. Although this antique office furniture was built over 100 years ago, it still can bring a richness and air of refinement to today’s office design.


Desk: 31.5″ Tall,  39.5″ Wide,  71″ Long

Chairs: 42.5″ Tall,  26″ Wide,  27″ Deep

Bookcase: 97″ Tall,  74″ Wide,  18″ Deep