Gothic Style Antique Credenza

Gothic furniture was originally created to compliment the architectural style that was popular at the time. Therefore they share many similar features: tall, grand lines that lead the eye upward; pointed arches and ornate design. Trefoil and quatrefoil shapes and foliage motifs like rosettes are usually found within carvings on Gothic furniture as well. Richly-colored woods like rosewood, oak and walnut finished with dark stains are then adorned with these intricate details and embellishments. As you can see, this antique credenza is a lovely example of the Gothic design.

Originally this antique credenza would have stored bible sacred parchments within the compartment where they could be kept safely behind the locking door. The upper niche of this piece would likely have displayed a statue of the Virgin Mary or some other significant religious icon.  Today the piece would make an exquisite liquor cabinet.


Dimensions: 15.5 × 25 × 86 in
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