Antique French Mantle Clock

The beautiful structure, detailing and mechanisms within antique clocks make them a must have for any antique collection. For example, this antique french mantle clock has many lovely features that attract the eyes and the ears. The Verde green enameled dial has gold Arabic numerals denoting the hours. Other details include a wonderful bronze crystal regulator, and a round pendulum bob with engine turned engraving. The four pieces of glass that contain the movement and dial are beveled and held in place by a nicely detailed frame. Finally, the movement of this clock is referred to as a “Paris” movement, which is spring driven and requires winding once a week. The charming hour and half hour strike on a coiled gong, is pleasing to the ear without being overbearing! The back plate of the movement is stamped with the Japy Freres Med. D. Honneur hallmark.


Dimensions: 6 × 7.5 × 12.5 in
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