Antique English Smoker’s Cabinet

This English smoker’s cabinet is the perfect example of history and romance around the role of tobacco in 19th Century Europe and America. Created and used to store tobacco as well as its related implements, these cabinets are a rare find today. This piece was crafted out of quarter sawn oak with nickel mounts and hardware. The artisan included a revolving caddy, which allows the tobacco and pipes to be stored internally and locked. To access the contents, you unlock the lid then lift it to allow the pin that locks the caddy to release, making it possible for the caddy to be rotated open. The tobacco container is lined with ceramic, and the interior of the cabinet is lined with mahogany. The top storage area offers space for other tobacco accessories, like papers and matches. The only piece of its kind to be included in the Beauchamp Antiques collection, the cabinet is in excellent original condition. The nickel embellishments found in the handles, medallion, escutcheons and decorative corner pieces make the cabinet lovely from all sides. It exemplifies how bringing antique accessories into today’s home décor provides an opportunity for conversation and visual interest.




Dimensions: 8.5 × 13.5 × 13 in
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