English Officer’s Antique Field Desk

Circa 1890, this lovely piece is from the English Edwardian period and could have served as an officer of the King’s field desk. Made out of a rich mahogany, the desk folds up and snaps into place, allowing it to easily follow its owner during a campaign. The leather interior features multiple devices and pockets to hold notes, pads, stamps, quills, ink and documents. The center round piece has been molded to secure a pocket watch, including a notch for the winding arm at the top. The piece features the clean lines associated with the Edwardian period. To open the box one pushes the escutcheon on the top to open the piece about 75% of the way. To fully release the box, you reach under and pull it up to engage the latches. Two push buttons release the box so it can fold up again and be tucked away between your favorite wings chairs. We at Beauchamp Antiques feel this piece is the perfect accessory, inviting questions and conversation. It is the only one like it we have ever seen!


Dimensions: 8 × 22 × 38 in
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