English Oak Candle Box with Mahogany Trim

The varieties of wood and quality craftsmanship are what make this antique candle box special. The piece is made out of quarter sawn oak, which refers to the way the original lumber was created. Plain sawn boards are cut lengthwise across the circumference of the log, creating an even grain pattern. Quarter sawn boards are created from slicing the log into quarters and then cutting boards through the radius of each quarter. The result is a dramatic grain pattern, particularly in oak, which is also called Tiger Oak. The diamond inlay on the face of the candle box is made from burl elm. Finally, the piece is trimmed with rich mahogany.

The candle box features an honest repair on the left side. In the antique industry, an honest repair refers to an old repair expertly made to blend well and add interest to the piece.

Candle boxes played a large role in the pre-electric homes, as candles were the main light source ensuring people went through a lot of them! A large stock would be stored out of the way, and would be used to supplement the decorative candle box located in the home for quick access. The slender design of this candle box denotes its use to store long, slender candles.


Dimensions: 6 × 7.5 × 21.5 in
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