Dutch Frisian Staartklok (Tail clock) with hand painted animated dial.

This is a wonderful example of a Dutch Staartklok or “tail clock”.  This particular staartklok is exception for a couple of different reasons.  The most notable feature of this clock is the hand painted dial which is animated during striking.  The scene is quite charming.  A woman raises and lowers her parasol watching a fisherman cast and draw a fishing net from the water while the blades of a windmill rotate in the background.  Once you draw your attention from the animation, one can not help but notice the beautiful case of this timepiece.  The “tail” of the clock is made from walnut with beautifully figured grain and also has a brass framed aperture where the pendulum bob may be viewed.   The hood of the clock is also of walnut  with half columns and very intricate silk backed fretwork.  This clock will exude an “old world”  feel of craftsmanship and style that would grace any study or entryway.

To see a short video of the animated dial click this link:



Dimensions: 10.5 × 18.5 × 70 in
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