Biedermeier Antique Wall Clock

The Biedermeier era was a design movement in the early to mid 19th century focused on architectural simplicity. Cabinetmakers in Vienna, Munich, Berlin and Northern Germany made this style, and tended to use light colored fruit woods with ebony and maple inlay. Circa 1890, this striking antique wall clock is made out of exotic rosewood with satinwood string inlay – the delicate lines we see in the starburst design on the cornice. The piece also features faux classic columns and satinwood edging around the clock, highlighting the lovely natural grain of the wood. Inside we find an 8-day time only movement with pendulum featuring a brass bob and a brass-clad weight. The dial is made out of porcelain. The Biedermeier style is still relevant within the simple elegance we find in today’s interior design schemes. This antique wall clock would be the perfect unique piece in a clean-lined décor, serving as a surprising work of art in a modern setting.


Dimensions: 6 × 11.5 × 38.5 in
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