Art Deco statue depicting a pair of dogs.

One does not have to stroll the halls of many museums to realize the important role statues have played in both history and art.  Statues not only exist for the sake of art but also can be a tangible representation of a memory, influential person or in this case animals.

This particular sculpture is a dramatic depiction of two shepherds whom have clearly been “riled up”.  Their excitement is so great one of the dogs has broken its collar.

The artist clearly had a passion for detail.  From the bones and tendons of the legs to the matted hair where the broken collar once was placed; the detail is exquisite!  The anatomical detail allows you to almost feel the excitement and tension of the dramatic scene.  One would likely place this sculpture in a casual location where it would be appropriate to sit and consider what would excite these dogs so.  The mantle of a cozy study or on a table or shelf in the family room would serve wonderfully.



Dimensions: 23.5 × 5.75 × 14 in
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