19th Century French Louis Philippe Period Silver Gilt Mirror

Typical of the Louis Philippe style, this lovely silver leafed antique mirror features clean lines and an elegant yet simple look. Circa 1860, the piece has a lightly carved pattern around the center moulding within the frame. The silver leaf was created through a complex process of layering. A base of wood was shaped to frame the mirror and then placed through gesso and sizing, where plaster was added to the wood and then painted with a binder to allow the leaf to adhere. Finally the silver leaf was added. Over the years the leafing will wear and the red sizing will show through. This worn leaf look is quite popular today. We also see a bit of gold, known as parcel-gold leaf or parcel gilt, on this piece in the outer rim and inner beaded molding of the frame. Finally, the mirror is original and in excellent condition.


Dimensions: 37.5 × 50 in
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