18th Century Pine Display Vitrine from Limberg Region

This 18th century vitrine is unusual for its pine structure. Intended as a display cabinet, vitrines would be found in the public area of a home. Pine is not a wood normally used for such an important furniture piece, so someone crafted this vitrine intentionally, knowing which wood they wanted to use. Pine is usually reserved for plain, functional pieces, but not this one! The mortise and tenon joints with peg construction are of high quality. The construction technique was also used to create the mullions (the braces that divide the glass), which is highly unusual.

The beautiful details of this antique vitrine indicate the high-quality craftsmanship: a dome cornice with ogee moulding; 45 degree step-out corners with sidelights; and raised panels on the cornice, sides and bottom doors. The inside shelving is distinctively shared to accent the collection to be displayed. The painted turquoise interior is typical of antique vitrines, where a version of blue or green would be used for interior colors. Crafted in the Limberg Region of Belgium, this piece will continue to serve its original function – to beautifully display a treasured collection.


Dimensions: 29.5 × 71 × 101.5 in
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